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Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, NSW

Aboriginal Experience

In some food-loving groups, foraging, which means finding and picking wild foods, is trendy. But for the Gadigal people of Sydney, it’s always been a part of their life. If you take a walk with an Aboriginal guide through the Royal Botanic Garden behind the Sydney Opera House, you’ll learn how to find and taste wild Australian foods.

The Aboriginal Heritage Tour explores the garden’s Aboriginal heritage, showing how plants were used for various purposes. While walking, you’ll forage and taste bush foods, identifying plants used for medicines and shelter. You’ll also collect seasonal fruits, berries, and seeds using a traditional coolamon (a shallow dish made of bark). Learn traditional cooking methods and how to use bush foods in your own meals at home, and even taste some recipes inspired by these foods.

The Royal Botanic Garden also offers Aboriginal art classes. In these classes, you can discover how to use plants and other natural elements from the garden, like sticks, ochre, grasses, and bark, along with paints and natural brushes, to create your own unique piece of art to take home as a souvenir.

All Aboriginal Experiences can be tailored to your individual needs.

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