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Aboriginal and Indigenous Experiences

Australia, home to one of the oldest living cultures on Earth!

You’re in the right place! Australia Pacific Vacations arranges amazing travel experiences. Aboriginal experiences can add something special to your itinerary, making it awesome and unforgettable.

Australia has the oldest living culture on Earth, and Aboriginal guides all over the country offer a genuine connection to the land and a unique way of experiencing it. Every part of Australia is Aboriginal country, with its own set of stories and experiences.

Aboriginal Experiences provides a variety of exciting activities and tours, like tasting bush tucker, experiencing the healing power of nature, fishing, discovering ancient rock art, dot painting, kayaking, quad biking, and having dinner under the stars in the outback. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, cultural enthusiast, foodie, or nature lover, an Aboriginal guide can offer extensive knowledge and insights to enhance your experience.

All Aboriginal and Indigenous Experiences can be tailored to your individual needs.

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